Sunday, May 29, 2011

Helppp / Contest [ Closes June 12 ]

Hello to all you paypal-ers out there haha !
So, I suddenly feel compelled to do this.
This girl on youtube (walkingtojapan) is
super passionate about Japan.
She recently got accepted for a summer
exchange program. As you can tell by her
youtube name...she has been hoping for ages
to go to Japan. Her excitement
is refreshing in this day and age.

But, she needs some mulaaaaa lol !
I know its hard to spare $ nowadays
but it doesnt have to be a lot : )
It can be less than a lipgloss haha !
I was trying to think of a way to
help her out ! If you are an online shopper
you probably have paypal. I know not
everyone does but hopefully you do !
Please help her out even by just sending
5 bucks or something ! If lots of people
send even small amounts it could really help her !
If you can spare more that would be awesome !
It will have immediate benefits for her
trip that she has been waiting centuries for : )
Im sure you all have had or have a dream.
This is hers...

If you send something let me know in the comments
or on youtube...let me know your email address
associated with your paypal account and you
will be automatically entered into a random draw
for some cute asian goodies. You know the sorts
of things I tend to will be that kind of thing : )
I will post up the items a bit later. I will
choose the winner randomly and I'll message
you later for your address details.

If you are familiar with sending $$ manually her
email is

The easy way is to just click ChipIn &
it will lead you to paypal :

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