Thursday, May 19, 2011

Why I disliked my trip to Shanghai

Sorry if you are from there but .... haha ... 
just my experience.

#1 Seems like every male smokes there ...inside...everywhere....
Even in my friends luxurious wedding ball room....
They provided a carton at each of the 50 + tables for the wedding.
Yucky ! 

#2 No English -  In Shanghai as its such international business place
you would think many people would speak english ... They dont and
thats okay...but places that should have people with english knowledge 
such as pharmacies, hotels, airport...they barely know any. 
It was very frustrating !!! Esp since the news is always talking about how
the most ppl studying English hardcore in the world is in China...

#3 Didnt enjoy the food...just not my particular cup of tea...
tons of MSG ... gave me headaches 

#4 The restaurants I went to never had cold water...I always had 
to get soda or ?

#5 Etiquette ... I saw so many people spitting everywhere. 
At this thai restaurant (which was yummy btw) there was this man 
coughing super loud and just hawking up big chunks from his throat
and spat them into his dinner plate...
Also saw people outright picking their noses in public...different... 

#6 Pushers - many people just shove unnecessarily I noticed. 
I know many places are crowded but its the way they do it.
If they did that in a rough part of the U.S someone would probably knock
one of them out. I literally lost my balance one day because of this man. 

#7 No facebook, youtube, twitter, or blogspot. They also block some 
other countries social sites that I dont personally use.  

#8 In Shanghai in particular it was pretty boring. Its such an awkward city.
Its modern but that not exciting or different from any other city.
I didnt like the fashions in the normal shops. 
Most ppl arent rich enough to shop in the luxurious stores
so they were always empty. At the same time its not traditional
enough for tourists to feel like its super special...

Most people would say well its China...theres a lot of people so of course
there would be a lot of  traffic...but its not even that. I never once really felt 
that it was super crowded...Tokyo in my opinion was worse. for 
the traffic bugged me cuz everyone is so bloody impatient
and have SERIOUS road rage for no reason. All you hear is honking nonnn stop.
Ive been to Manhattan 3 times and in Shanghai its like 5 times worse. 
They honked at times that didnt even call for it....So weird.... 
Like for example when pedestrians would have their green light to cross...
people in cars would often honk and honk making them get out
of the way so that they could continue driving.... most ppl dont give a crap
about red lights either.....

Basically everything and everyone seemed super chaotic
even though its such a developed place...
I met some amazing people - my friend is extremely generous
and many of her family members were super kind.
However, I dont think I will go back ever again. 

I got extremely sick on my second last day there also. 
I went to Korea after that so it saved my vacation. 
Loved Korea. 

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  1. am sorry to hear you didnt enjoy it much but at least you loved korea :)

    shel xx