Saturday, May 7, 2011

Quick Update

Hellloo everyone

Just a short post -

Im now in Korea. I couldnt use facebook, blogspot,
youtube or twitter in China.
Overall I did not enjoy my trip to China.
But, Im loving Korea.
I have a bit of a cold as well which sucks.
Worst part is I havent been able to fully
taste the yummy korean food yet.
Im gonna get ready to go out now !
I will let you know everything soon : )

I like this song :

Sorry its not letting me embeddddddd ... lazyy to figure it out lol


  1. Hey,

    Sorry your China trip didn't go well. At least you can have some fun in Korea? What kind of products would you recommend someone get from Korea that might not be able to get in the States? I have a friend going to visit family there and she asked what I wanted her to bring back.. and I was thinking of just asking for nail stuff and shu uemera lashes (i heard their products are much cheaper in asia). Does that sound good?

  2. girl!! missing you videos liker crazy! thank you for remembering us, and sharing your experiences.
    Enjoy! And see ya soooon

  3. Yes Korea was cool ! Skinfood eyecream is nice...Etude house face cream , tony moly hand cream... sheet masks.... I dont know if she will be able to find shu uemera lashes in Korea but there are tons of cheap but good lashes there as well...hmm what else...everything is nice in korea ! love their earrings also