Monday, September 3, 2012

Drugstore Foundations I bought recently

Dream Nude Airfoam - Sun Beige

 Very Light coverage...Dont like the finish on my face.
After smooshing the foam down theproduct is very liquidy and thin.
Sun Beige is a bit too light for me but the next one down was too dark. 
Nothing much to say about it really. The foam is fun but Im not going to be using
this anytime soon. Could be nice if you are looking for something with
very light coverage. 

Bourjouis Healthy Mix Serum - 58

Nice dewy/natural finish ... not enough coverage for my face though.
 Lovely smell. Would be perfect for people with rather good skin. 
This is #58 and its slightly too dark on my face. Doesnt last for more than a few hours
 on my slightly oily skin.  The #58 in the regular  foundation gets a 8/10 and its a great color
 match. The serum is darker than the foundation. I finished a bottle of the regular foundation
and will be repurchasing soon. Wont repurchase the serum or use it often.

Sleek New Skin Revive - Praline

I really like this foundation. Very natural finish - not dewy or matte. 
You do get  medium coverage up to an extent but your own skin does 
show thru a bit. Its very smooth because of the silicone base. However, silicone 
can break people out being that the skin cant breathe. I did
get 2 pimples a few days later after using it for the first time. Not 100% if
it was from the foundation or not.

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