Friday, September 7, 2012

My new fav youtube channel

I am loving the youtube channel Vice ! If you havent checked it out definitely
do so ! They go EVERYWHERE making documentaries about random,
obscure or dangerous topics. I love how they go off the beaten path and deliver
raw interviews with people that have even committed crimes. Its so interesting how
they go so deep into the culture and dont just report on topics we already know about.
They seem to have no fear. Ive learned tons ! They also open your eyes to some insane
social injustices and extremely disturbing things going on in the world. For example
about how there are actually slaves in Dubai building the amazing hotels and massive
buildings. Wtf ?!

Here is one freaky/interesting one I watched recently. Drugs are truly ruining the world.

These vids are a treat when you are bored and just wanna watch something interesting...

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  1. Thanks for introducing this!! :D Very interesting