Friday, September 24, 2010

I love Minjis Hair ~ !

I just watched the Inkigayo Stage of 
2NE1 on youtube and in "Cant Nobody"
Minjis hair was so freaking cool !
It makes me want to get purple clip in
hair extensions for fall.
I think it would give my black hair some edge.
Woohoo. Gonna look em up on ebay.

I dont dont want them to be
plastic looking...Hmm lets see what I can find. 

These seem to be good because they are human hair
which means you can style them and even dye them
a different purple shade if you want.
But, there isnt much hair so you might have to order
2 sets if you want a good bit of purple.
Remember - if you see in the description
that its only 30 grams then its really not much
hair at all.

I may just stick to one set as I just want it on the
bottom layers like Minji.

I think places like Hot Topic
would have similar ones as well. 

So, yeah have a look around ebay or whatever
and see what you can find ! : ) 


  1. there's this two websites on facebook who sells cheap good quality clip on hair extension :) i bought them and they are very soft. they also got the colors that you are looking for and others too :) you should go check it out

    It's only RM 15-18!/profile.php?id=100002496233080!/pages/Hair-Extentions-Clip-Ons/120984544656748

  2. thanks ! ill check those out ^ ^