Thursday, September 2, 2010

Nail Talk . . .

Nails actually need a lot more hydration than your skin.
Using any type of oil or natural cuticle cream will help you a lot.
If you have watched my "How to get Long Nails" video
you will see that I include Cuticle Cream & Hand Cream.
This is not only for my cuticles or hands but for my 
nails also.  

Also - I accidently painted my nails this weekend
with a Green Color by OPI called "Gargantuan Green Grape"
WITHOUT using a basecoat. I dont know how I forgot that.
I was rushing & not paying attention . . . 
But, now my nails are stained a bit yellow & look horrible.

So, I have been leaving my nails unpolished this week 
so they can recouperate.  Im going to do my whitening
treatment often.

Base Coat is suppperrr important especially with those
super pigmented or dark colors.  I always use at least
2 coats of Basecoat - sometimes 3. It helps the polish to go on
nice and smooth & if you are using a strengthening one (which you should be)
then its helping your nails not to break also. Before applying basecoat
I prep the nails using a 4 sided buffer ( 10 swipes for each side) 

If you have super dry, brittle nails even with a 
nail strengthener & even after applying Vitamin E oil or
other things  - then look at your diet.

Are you eating well ? Or are you eating lots of
processed, fake, salty crap ? If you dont have
adequate vitamins  in your body - how can it
repair itself ? 

Eat vegetables and fruit everyday - & if you are
lazy just throw a bunch of shredded carrot, 
banana, pineapple in a blender for example
and there you go.

Just stick to whole foods - Im trying not to eat any junk ! 

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