Thursday, September 2, 2010

Small Fall Haul

So I got 3 Mac products today. 
I rarely go in that store because
I always want everything & then
I end up spending way too much
on things I dont really need . . . 
But anyway - 

The first thing I got is a Nail Polish 
Its called Jade Dragon and its soo pretty !
Its a bit glittery. 
Great for fall !  

I also got a Superslick Liquid Eye liner.
I have the gray-ish one called
"Marked for Glamour" I love the unique 
color. I was tempted to get the black instead
but I decided that since I already have a lot of
Black liquid liners by other brands I'd try this.
This is with the Fabulous Feline's
collection. The pigments in this collection
& are gorgg. I didn't get any though.
I swatched this liner & tried to rub 
it off my hand after a few seconds 
and it would not budge ! The tip is
flexible. Love it !

I also got a nice pink lipstick since I want to do
a smokey eye with my new liner. 
Light pinks always go well with smokey eyes.
I chose Snob.

I also got a pore minimizing essence
by Shiseido.
Ive tried this before & it realllly works.
Ive tried a few different brands 
that target large pores. 
But, I think this is the best one
I've tried so far.  There is a noticeable 
change once you use it for about a week
or 2 & it doesnt make me break out. 
Fall is the time where tans wear off
and the blemished skin underneath 
shows through & becomes
more apparent.  Eek ! 

The last thing I picked up was a Magazine.
I have never actually bought this particular 
one before because it always looked so boring.
I usually only buy Nylon and sometimes Sugar.
But the cover caught my eye
and I flipped through it & really wanted it. 
Plus - I love the Olsen Twins style. 
Its still a bit too "adult-ish" & ad-ridden for me.
But, theres a lot of products in there that
have caught my eye & now I want to try em!
I really want the new
Maybelline lip stains - I saw the ads 
in there. We dont have em here : ( 

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  1. I know I saw a review of the Maybelline Lip Stain and it looks awesome! I haven't been able to find one yet:(