Saturday, October 16, 2010

My Fav Moisturizers !

When I can get my hands on some La Roche Posay I always stock up.
Its one of my fav brands ! But for now Im definitely
 loving Vichy.

One thing I really love by LRP is this :

Effaclar M Daily Mattifying Moisturizer 

Here is Vichys Top Seller :

Normaderm Anti Imperfection 
Hydrating Care

I wanted this but it was all sold out when my mom
went to Chicago so she got me the Anti-Blemish one
which is probably even better for my skin type.


But as for La Roche Posay here is the website :

Check out the link to see what products of theirs 
could work for you.


  1. i'm so behind on your videos =(( midterms got me going crazy! miss themmmmmm =(

  2. HAHA they will be there when u finish !
    good luck :p