Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Current Loves

Lovinggg this MAC Eye Shadow out with the
Venomous Villains collection.
This one is "My Dark Magic"
Its so freaking gorgeous. It makes me want to 
replicate this swirl of colors
on a canvas. I swear I could look at
it all day. On the eyes it comes out
in 2 tones of a shimmery purple/black color 
but in the pan its even more amazingly 
Im thinking about going 
back for the blue/green one.

As soon as I saw this color on the 
OPI Nail Polish Rack I had to have it.
It just kept jumping back out at me as
I browsed other sections of the store.
Its such a fantastic golden broze color. 
Its a bit sheer but build-able for sure.
Its called "Glitzerland" by the way.

I have found a new favorite lipstick ! 
Its Drugstore even !
Its the famous Maybelline "Pink Please"
A lot of people in the US say they cant
find it because its always 
sold out everywhere...but people here arent
that fanatic about lipsticks
so there are tons. Im going to stock up !
Its a creamy, cute pink shade. 
In the package it didn't look that special
but when I put it on I was in love.
Its a lightly nude sort of pink &
its slightly matte but also is not 
drying at all. Its perfect to pair with
dramatic or smokey eyes.
I freaking love it !

I also got this online from Etude House. 
Its one of their new Sweet Eye Cupcake Shadows. 
Super cute packaging. Lovely Color. 
I got the the Cloud Cookie one (#5) 
Its shimmery but not in a tacky way.
I really like these sorts of colors on my skin 
so I ordered one. Etude house always has 
fabulous eyes shadows for a decent price.
You can find this product here : 
Of course their price is more than in Korea because they 
gotta make a profit...but if you want it thats where 
you can get it : ) 

Here is what it looks the colors look like up close:

& Here is the package :

So yep, thats about it for today. Just thought Id share. 
Have a good day ^ ^