Sunday, October 10, 2010

Bored ? Some Korean Fun . . .

Here is what Im watching on
this lazy Sunday 

Also this is one of my fav movies :

In other random news - Im really loving 2NE1's fall
outfits. Last year they were still wearing lots of
colorful clothes in the fall. But this year its more edgy
and sophisticated...but still funky & unique.
I just lovvvve 2NE1. 

For lunch today I made a  really simple version 
of BiBimBap. I only added the basic ingredients 
of this recipe but no beef
instead I used mushrooms. 
I didnt add kimchi or raddish.
I highly recommend you to go to the 
Korean grocery store near
you and get some Gochu Jang (Red Pepper Paste)
& Dwen Jang (Soy Bean Paste). 
Its so useful esp in the winter for soups 
and rice dishes etc !
I get mine online at


  1. <3 2ne1!!!!
    Love their new album(L)

  2. Their new songs totally kick ass!!!
    i wish i had their album but they don't sell
    korean music in Holland( i think)T.T

  3. Just download it on Pirate Bay...
    lol...i know its bad buttt...^ ^; ;


    somehow im just to stupid
    to think of something like that!!
    thx thx thx
    -in heaven right now-

  5. Hey I love your blog and your YouTube account. I just want to know if you could answer the questions left on your YouTube videos. I have asked a few and am anxious to here something back! (^_^) Thank You!

  6. Oh sorry haha
    What did you ask ?
    Sometimes youtube messes up and I dont get all the comments
    in my inbox thingy...
    I have to go to the individual vids to see some of my comments
    Its weird

  7. Oh no worries! Here are my questions:
    1. When is your Ebay shop open?
    2. In your "Asian Masks: Skinfood, Etude House, Modeling"
    Which particular modeling mask do you have? You said Ginseng but after you said Pomegranate.
    3. What asian products which you have used would you suggest for acne scarring (the dark spot kind). ARIGATO!

  8. 1. Ebay shop - See comment in chatterbox above
    2 - I used Pomegranate but I do have Ginseng,
    Green Tea, Aloe & Charcoal.
    3.The Ac Clinic line by Etude House is quite good.
    I used that before : ) The toner is fabbbb
    Also for a natural remedy - buy an aloe plant and apply
    aloe to your face every day !

  9. zahra, please let me know the 411 of CL and 2n1, im like lost LOL i got lots of comments saying i look like her and i donno who she is =( yeah im slow, REALLY slow =.=!!