Sunday, October 24, 2010

Loose No Heat Curls

For those of you whose hair doesnt curl so easily
or if you want to go heat-free for a while,
you might want to try a Bantu-Knot Out.
Its great for anyone with straight-ish hair.
Well, really it could work for anyone -
the result would just be a bit different on
thicker hair !

1. Put a small amount of a  light moisturizer throughout 
your hair. Nothing that will make your hair too 
stiff though. Also this works best on freshly washed hair.
It does not have to be damp though. I did mine dry.

2. Grab random chunks of hair and twirl the hair
in your fingers tightly. The smaller the section -
the tighter the curl. So, just grab the
section of hair and twist it as one big piece
counter-clock wise till its tightly wound.  

( Just a random pic from the internet)

3. After that , coil the hair up close to your scalp.
Wrap the hair around itself like you see
in the pic. If you twist the hair up tight in the 2nd step
it will automatically wanna coil around itself into a nice
little donut shape.
If you have coarser hair it will stay just like that.
If not use a bobby pin to secure.

You will look a bit crazy afterwards but its okay !

4. Put on a silk cap or  bandana or something
to secure the hair in place while you sleep.

5. A bit of hair spray or something that could
keep the curl lasting longer. If it looks okay as is
dont loosen the curls too much with your fingers. 
Just let them loosen up as the day goes so it will
last longer. 

If your hair is rather fine or long and you dont think 
the coils would stay perhaps you could try 
this method instead :

Its a rather  similar concept but just a bit better for
those with long or thin hair. She puts all the rolls
with the clips at the top of her head so that
it doesnt disrupt her sleep. 

When you wake up the curls will look rather separated
so just take your fingers and break them up a bit 
for a natural look! 

Add a cute Hair bow as well !
I got mine online from Forever 21. 
Its called the Chiffon Dotted Head Band 
$ 3.80

Here is my result :


  1. omg i love this technique. when i first found out how to do it a few months ago i couldn't stop! i love your results btw :]

  2. love the results. your blog is amazing!