Tuesday, August 16, 2011

DIY Polaroid Display

First you need some twine. I prefer the look of this sort :

Next you need some clothespins. I think mini ones look cuter.
You can find these on ebay, etsy or welovecitrusshop.com,
craft shops etc. Or just use the regular ones ^^

Now for the photos you really dont necessarily have to use
a polaroid camera. The real polaroid cameras were 
discontinued years ago. But, as you probably
have seen there are now modern variations of the polaroid
camera by Fujifilm. I have the one below. My amazing
friend in Korea sent it to me as a gift :

"instax mini" 

But again you dont even need one of these. If you wanted 
you could just use a disposable camera, regular film or 
lomo camera and hang the pics up. You can just use 
cute post cards or buy  polaroid photos in a set. 
Have a look on Ebay.
I found these from the seller theium
You get a set of 60 pictures.


Go to that link and search 'postcard' You will see a bunch of cool ones !

Anyway ! Have fun creating your cool polaroid display. I think it really
gives rooms a warm and artsy feel. Im definitely going to put lots
of photos up in my new place.

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