Thursday, August 4, 2011

School Tips for Success !

Here are some tips I've
compiled from various sources
and from my own experience.

#1 Write down everything in a planner
so that you dont forget anything. Also, you can get a fun dry erase board for your room and scribble all the stuff from your planner
on there so you see it right in front of you, everyday. Writing things down helps them to stay in your mind rather than just glancing at blackboard.

#2 Only check facebook twice a day
if you are one of those addicted people (Raises hand) Once mid day and once at night. Reply to your messages and immediately sign out. This goes for other social sites also. Let your friends know in advance that you wont be on much anymore.
Dont put the apps on your phhooonneee if you get distracted 
easily ! 

#3 Use an hourglass to make yourself
motivated. You will feel more pressure this way to finish the paragraph or section you are working on if you try to beat all the
sand from falling. You can get ones of different speeds.

#4 Speedwrite if you have essays.
Dont over-think what you are typing when you do your first draft.
Just write without stopping, without giving yourself a second to doubt. Just write insanely quick and then when you have run out of steam, then go back and edit. Don't edit as you go. Makes things go a lot faster and often come out better.

#5 Approach things with a positive attitude
For sure if you are doing a boring class or assignment you 
might be tempted to jump out of your window at times...
But just try to get all the boring stuffout of the way first and 
try to focus on the more enjoyable things you have. If nothing 
in your program is it really what you want to be doing ?

#6 If you live with other people, try to finish as much 
work as possible outside of the home. You can sit
at school and do it or go to the library. Being at home is too comfortable and distracting so you might not be as productive.

#7 Buy pretty school accessories.
Artbox in the UK and Morning Glory in the U.S both sell 
super cute school stuff online. Google it ! The reason I think 
its important is because it gets you more in the mood
for doing school work. You will enjoy writing notes a bit 
more on an awesome notepad : ) Or is that just me ?

#8 Dont take your laptop to class
if you only use it for notes. If you feel you dont write fast
enough, take a voice recorder. If you need material from blackboard, print it out before the lecture. I know
computers can be used as a study tool but if you know
yourself and you tend to get distracted... dont bring it if you
really dont need it. When I was in many people 
would bring their laptops to lectures and would just be on
facebook the whole time. Its very tempting to space out and
surf the net. The more you pay attention the less hard you have 
to study at the end babbyyy.

#9 Participate in class.
This is a big one. If you answer questions ask questions, stay engaged...then you will be completely in tune to
whats going on. Your phone/laptop etc wont distract you 
and it will seem like the teacher is talking to you.
If you just sit there quietly you will tend to space out and 
be bored. If the teacher asks does anyone know X and you know...raise your hand !

Basically the most important thing is being consistent. 
I think everyone starts the school year off right, with a 
good frame of mind and good study habits. Eventually
people become stressed, depressed and forget about the 
things that could help. Try to stay focused on what you 
are in that program for. You probably have a dream
or goal(s) right ? Think of them often. Pay attention & 
be self-disciplined. 

Ask questions and get extra help if you need it .
Dont hang around people that constantly want to party. 
Its a waste of time and money. Sure every once in a
while...but dont make it a habit.

As my math teacher always said *rolls eyes @ math * 
"You are in charge of your own learning"

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