Thursday, August 18, 2011

Amazing Hostel in Seoul (Bebop Guesthouse)

I know at least a few of my readers are interested 
in going to Korea someday. One big
problem with people going to Korea who dont speak Korean is accomodation. I say this
because if you want to go somewhere with English speakers, you usually have to pay out
big bucks to stay in American chains. The awesome motel-ish places
( *cough* love hotels *cough*  Hey dont knock em til' you try em ! They are great lol !)
dont take reservations and usually the front desk people dont speak English. A happy medium
of course are hostels. You can book these in advance, and they are geared towards
foreigners so the people will at least speak some English. However, you dont wanna just go
for any random Hostel. So, I thought I'd tell you about an amazing one that I found when I was
in Seoul a few months ago.
Its called Bebop Guest House & its funky and awesome. Its in the area of Hongdae
which is a super artsy area filled with young people. The area of the hostel is quiet but
its in walking distance to the center of Hongdae.
I think there are about 5 bedrooms in all. A couple are single bed ones and then the others
have bunk-beds. I must say that this was not what I pictured when I envisioned a hostel.
It was extremely clean, modern & very enjoyable. It has a very indie vibe to it.
There is a kitchen with basics for making breakfast as well as a vanity area for applying
There are 2 bathrooms that were kept very very clean.
The only problem is that often times there will be literally noone there. in staff...but just keep their phone # near you if you need something
& they will come back. Quite cool when noone else has booked rooms there. 
This is what you will see when you enter.
Turning left you will see the staircase leading to the rooms upstairs:
At the back there is the kitchen which looks like this :
Absolutely amazing place ! Another great thing is that its super close to this awesome vintage
restaurant called 'Retro Mama' Bebop is basically behind the restaurant. So, if you are in a
cab not sure where to go, look out for the Retro Mama restaurant and walk down the alley
a bit and you will find Bebop.
If you want more info check their website :
I give it 5/5
I think there are reviews on youtube also : )


  1. We are about to head to China for a few months for my husband's work and I have a lot of the fears you listed here. Thanks for sharing this place - I want to travel to Korea while I am in China :)

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  2. Awesome ! Enjoy it ! I went to China also a few months ago. Which part will you be in ?

  3. wow that place is amaziing i def plan on on going to korea someday!!!

  4. There is a fantastic impression of community and sharing at many hostels throughout the world.

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