Monday, August 15, 2011


I plotted out Ikea, Urban Outfitters, Argos etc to buy all my home-wares for my
London Studio Apt. I dont know if you guys remember my 'Ideal Apartment'
(or something)  blog but yeah...looking for that style of stuff.

This is really bad but obviously Im gonna need a cell phone once I get to England &
Im planning on getting an Iphone. So, after I buy my Imac computer to do my coursework
on ... Ill have like a billion apple products in my tiny apartment ! How obnoxious.
Love it.

Im looking for more desk organization stuff. In Korea they have the cutest things ever !
I think I'll buy some stuff online later and ship it to England. 1 month left ! Yahoo ! 


  1. Aww, wow, one month!!
    "How obnoxious.
    Love it."
    Made my day! Have you got any friends you already know in Britain yet?

  2. HAHA ! ^ ^
    Just a couple friends from Bermuda that
    are going back to school the same time as me.
    Thats pretty much it !