Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Amazingly Cute Planner

If you watch my videos on youtube & follow my blog, you might know that I have 
3 planners that I absolutely love. Two of them I got from my trip to Korea
and one I briefly showed in a blog post. However, I decided to use the one I showed
a while ago first. My friend who sent me the camera mentioned previously also
sent me that along with a bunch of nail stuff. He is so kind ! Yes its a boy ! What
good taste right ? Lol !

Anyway, I decided to use that one first. It looks like this :

After finding that last ebay seller I mentioned in my DIY Polaroid
post, I realized they also sell my cuteee planner ! So, if you want it you can get it too !
It comes with adorable vintagey stickers also.

It comes with the stickers and the pouch as you can see here. Everything else
is just decoration. Haha  : ) They also have brown which is nice also.

Its about $24 after everything which is kind of pricey...but its super adorable and I
think I would pay that if I didnt have it already. Lol ! : ) Great for school or anything really !

Im lazy to html it so just search for "Tokyo Cafe Story Photo Handy Diary" on ebay if 
you want it :) 

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