Monday, August 8, 2011


If you need to save for school, a trip or whatever it is that you want, I highly
recommend  for you to get an automatic savings plan"Fixed Term Deposit" 
Basically for mine you had to  open the account with $1000 and the minimum amount
that could come out each month was  $250. I chose to do $850 per month. You could sign 
up for 1 yr, 3 yrs or 5yrs. It comes out automatically each month. I could not touch the money 
in this account at all. I couldnt access it or see it. I get the money when the year is over. 
Its perfect for me because I cant  make any excuses as to why I cant save for that particular 
month. I have no choice. I get my money in the beginning of Sept. 

I've seen commercials on TV for American banks that say to open a fixed term deposit 
savings account but there is no minimum amount that you have to put in. I think you
should create your own minimum. Make it a good bit but manageable for you.
When I opened mine I was still paying the loan for my scooter that I ride to work 
and I also have bills...I could have saved more but I just didnt want to. I still wanted to 
enjoy the time I had in Bermuda.

Also, with this sort of savings plan you of course get interest. These days
the interest rate would be super low but at least you end up with something
more at the end...even if its just $30 more. However, you do of course need a job
to save. So, that is probably the hardest part of all. Hopefully you can find one
that allows you to save all year...even if its $200 a month.

You might be thinking...well...what if I need that money...what if I dont know if I'll have 
a job later this year...What if I cant handle the savings payments every month ? Well, then
save less but save SOMETHING. There will always be something you need or want. 
But, the sacrifice will be so worth it in the end and you will be glad you did it.

I have a friend in Korea that saves a couple hundred a month for a future
house and for his wedding. He doesnt even have a gf or when he will get a house 
but he is saving anyway. He has a minimum wage job on top of it. Not america min wage but
this is Korea...much lower. So, I hope that this gives you hope :) Its always better to save 
just in case !

The main reason I chose the UK for school is that tuition for University is less than 
$6,000 (U.S) So, Im going to pay my tuition myself this year. By the way this is because 
Bermudians are considered British citizens, so I get to pay the local fees (Thank God!) 
If you feel that you need to take a year or two off to save up for your next school year
then do it ! I have a friend that did that because her school in L.A is so expensive.
They are tripling the rate in the UK if you start next yr which is beyond ridiculous. 
So, Im glad Im going this year. I've never saved this much before. I should
have been doing it all along but my mind just wasn't in the right place.
Hope this helps in some way. 


  1. Hey zahra! this is 2powade, something happened to me and i want to know what do you think about it.

    Last weekend i went with my friend on a trip to another city, when we were @ train station to go back to our hometown, i saw a super eye candy, i was staring at his eyes, and he was at mine.
    His train was leaving 1 hour before mine, so while he was passing through the tape packing i was looking at him, and i noticed that he was looking at me too, so i asked him where he was going, and he told
    me my city. i approached him, and asked if he had girlfriend, he answered no and asked me for my cell numer. I gave it to him, and inmediately he did me a missed call.
    He explained me that he was going on vacation to a beach town near mine for a week.

    Then he had to take his train and left.

    This happened Sunday afternoon, and i REALLY like the guy, but he didnt called me yet, what should i do? hahaha i know that this has nothing to do on your subject, but i wanted to know you opinion.

    Thank you, and excuse me if you don't understand anything.

    xoxox bella!!

  2. OMG first of all you are soo brave...
    I wish I had the guts to do that when I was single lol !
    and #2 I love how random this is hahaha ...
    Okay hmm I would suspect that he is just busy
    on his trip...maybe he first intended to visit you
    since he was gonna be near you but...perhaps his family or friends
    had other plans and dont want him to venture off randomly.
    I would say wait another week until he is back home
    and then maybe he will call ! If not I'd say go ahead and
    call him next week and pretend you forgot when he was
    coming to the beach town just to start small talk. : )

  3. Gracias bella!!! hahaha xoxox